Wrong Fuel Man To The Rescue

Wrong Fuel Rescues are Common

Had a bad day at work, been low on fuel, got distracted with thoughts and picked up the wrong pump to fill your car?  It can happen to the best of us.  Let’s face it, some fuel stations don’t make it easy or clear which pump is which.


Some statistics that may surprise you

  • Police put the wrong fuel in Police cars more than 300 times per year costing £53,000 worth of repairs
  • 769 ambulances have been misfueled since 2012 (Telegraph 2017)
  • 150,000 people across the UK put the wrong fuel in their vehicles

If you have recently changed car or are driving one that is not familiar to you it increases the chances of this kind of mishap.

Catch the problem early

The sooner you seek assistance after realising you have put petrol into a diesel car, or diesel into petrol, the less damage you will do to your engine. This means seeking a wrong fuel recovery service as soon as you can. This is not usually covered by normal breakdown cover or motor insurance policies, so it is important to have misfuel SOS numbers to hand. Wrong Fuel Man to the Rescue is what to remember.

Why is it important to drain the tank?

Diesel engines lubricate the fuel pump and so having petrol in the tank will damage the pump. With petrol engines, particularly direct injection, fuel enters the engine much more quickly therefore increasing chances of wider damage.

Forecourt draining will cost less than the full recovery needed if the car has been driven and needs rescuing or parts become damaged.

Who Carries Out Wrong Fuel Rescues?

Rescue for misfuelling will not be covered by any warranty, motor insurance or breakdown cover.  Generally a call out to drain and flush a petrol tank is carried out by specialists who are trained in this practice.  Yes there are a lot of services out there but you need to make sure that they are fully licenced and qualified to operate in explosive environments.


At Wrong Fuel Man we have fully trained staff with many years’s experience of working on forecourts.  We are holders of the SPA Passport which is the Safety Passport Alliance which is mandatory for working at all fuel forecourts.

Who We Have Helped Recently

Seat Ibiza wrong fuel breakdown in central Preston.
We were on the scene within minutes and minimal damage experienced by the vehicle


Wrong Fuel Man To The Rescue

Wrong Fuel Man rushed to Preston



Wrong Fuel Man to the Rescue

Wrong Fuel Man helps a HGV driver stranded on the M6 Lancashire


Out on the M6 to a HGV driver who’d made the mistake of confusing the petrol nozzle for diesel. Wrong Fuel Man soon got the wheels back in motion so everyone could head home.


So don’t be stranded or at the mercy of unqualified rescue services, store our number in your phone if you ever need us

Wrong Fuel Man 07908525129

Author: Andrew

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