Creation Of Wigan Indie Radio 

Andrew set up Wigan Indie Radio in 2000 playing the best of Indie, Punk, New Wave, Reggae, Ska and Northern Soul music.

Wigan Indie Radio began as an idea for keeping in touch with friends and family across the world. Listening live online via our website and has gained widespread popularity. The community radio connects musicians, events and businesses in the Wigan area. Relatives and friends living abroad also benefit from the feeling of belonging and being kept in touch with home.

Wigan Indie Radio fills a gap in the market playing Indie music of many genres. Andrew is a gigging musician and often networks with emerging artists in the North West. He has a passion for Promoting, Marketing and Nurturing the music scene and is keen to play tracks by local musicians and highlight current events.

Wigan Indie Radio Promotes Festivals, Events and Local Businesses.

Andrew is experienced in Sales and Marketing with excellent communication skills with over 30 years experience..


Broadcasts have a fresh, unscripted approach and a relaxed feel. 

With vast knowledge of music and technology and his contacts within the local music community the radio, Andrew has an audience that is continually rising and he is constantly networking with local venues and artists to promote music and events within the Wigan Borough.

Content is updated three times per week during broadcasts and local people can get involved. Events and the culture of Wigan are promoted positively.

As Wigan Indie Radio evolves, Andrew plans to spread the net and interview people from all walks of life about health, love, music and local issues.

Shows have a facility for requests and live chat. The listening audience has an impact on the content of the show as it airs live. Musicians can send in demos in mp3 or wav formats.

If you are thinking of creating a jingle for your business do approach us and we will discuss possibilities. Interviewing and Podcasting costs are available under the Our Services page.

The advantages of advertising with the Directory and Radio Channel are the networking opportunities for creating effective communication for your business online.

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