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What is Digital Marketing

Postive Wigan’s guide to digital marketing was born out of our own turning a negative into a positive.  Saddened at the sudden closure of all our local businesses during the Covid-19 crisis, we decided to be proactive at keeping our customers engaged.


So in the spirit of inspiring others,download and keep our guide to digital marketing as it will be useful during normal trading, but it seems to take on more relevance for the next few weeks.


Guide to Digital Marketing During Lockdown 

Carry out an audit

Get found online by potential customers.  Carry out an audit of what you are currently doing online, this includes your website, Google My Business listing, social media profiles and building up external links to directories.

Also think about your content.  Have you written consistently and strategically over the course of your business?  How does your online presence perform for you at the moment?  Do you get lots of engagement, leads, enquiries or do you feel  you are shouting out into the abyss?

Have you carried out keyword research?  This is something you can do whilst you have some time to spare.  Look closely at what words and phrases are used in the search engines to look at your product or service, then make sure these are included in any content that you produce.

Are you blogging?  This builds trust with your audience and is great for making your website more visible.

Is your website up to date, good images, video and copy?

Are you mastering social media? Twitter is good for networking with associates, Instagram is great for showcasing your wonderful products, Facebook is where to educate your customers and chat with them.

Have you set up Google My Business and are you regularly posting on it?  It’s your online shop window so keep it pretty.


Local is key

Most Google searches are local, so be proactive locally online and you will be found.  This could involve linking to local businesses, directories, maps and talking about all things Wigan.  Don’t be afraid to source some free PR.  If you are part of the Wigan Deal you can get a free article written if you are carrying out some community work.  Wigan Today is also interested in good news stories, especially in such dark times.


How Local Directories Contribute To Your Online Visibility

The technical term for building up your profile via directories is known as citations.  In day to day lingo this means entering your business details on a significant number of high-quality online directories, much like any business worth their salt used to advertise in Yellow Pages.

Not all directories are deemed of good quality by Google and therefore listing your business on any old site would not be a good idea.  Here is a list of the top 32 directories that the UK recognise as high quality.  

Why Postive Wigan is a reputable site

Positive Wigan  regularly posts local articles to ensure that it is a credible local resource.  We write reviews on events and gigs, publish helpful guides, and produce community radio broadcasts .  There is also another exciting service due to be launched over the coming months.

Although Google My Business is now a dominant platform for local businesses to advertise on, it has a lot of limitations and is very restricted and heavily controlled by Google, with regular reports of photos being removed, posts only lasting a few days and no real visibility for products and services to be displayed for those searching on a desktop or laptop.  Your business listing can also be deleted by them without explanation and customers can only leave you a review if they are logged into Google.


Quick tips summary

In summary, for a local business to have a strong, organic (not paid ads) presence online, which allows higher performance, follow these basic steps:

  • Claim your Google My Business listing
  • If you have a website make sure it adheres to technical SEO standards – privacy policy, copyright, security certificate, secure payment gateway, easy to navigate, strong regularly updated content
  • Have a planned content strategy, talk around themes and topics, use keywords and phrases
  • Content that includes images and videos is also popular
  • Social media profiles should be fully completed, informative (not a hard sell) and updated regularly
  • Strong internal links to your own blogs
  • Strong external links to high quality sites, such as local businesses, directories, newspapers
  • Reviews that are authentic
  • Testimonials

Other Business Support

There are a number of initiatives that have been announced to help our sector which will hopefully alleviate some of the financial pressure.  There is also a willingness from the public to support bands and businesses as much as they can by online streaming, viewing and ordering.

How Positive Wigan Can Help You Get Ready for the New Normal

We are putting on a special offer during the Covid-19 crisis – an enhanced listing with free blog for the price of our basic listing.


Here are the services that we offer:-


Finding a company that you can trust to manage your online presence can be a minefield.  Andrew is well known and trusted across Wigan, mainly for his love of music, but he is very experienced in sales and marketing, so enquire now about


  • Listing onto the Wigan Directory (For those who take an enhanced listing, there are also 2 free blogs written about your business, on a topic of your choice, which is then published on our blog page)
  • Freelance telesales for a fixed rate
  • Content writing for websites, blogs and social media,
  • Profile entries for local artists for a flat fee per year, let venues book you directly with no commission taken
  • Website building and maintenance (WordPress)
  • Guidance on Facebook advertising
  • Set up of Google My Business profile and Facebook business page


Let us be your trusted directory.  If you require wider marketing support please see our sister site Positive Sales and Marketing.  For more information call Andrew now on 01744 670055

Author: Andrew

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