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Positive Wigan Directory

The Positive Wigan Directory gets your business more visible online.  Why?  Firstly we are an interactive platform, using multimedia to bring your brand to life.  Secondly, if you are a business that takes bookings your customers can make appointments and we take no commission, therefore great for new businesses that don’t want the expense and hassle of running a website!


The directory boosts Wigan and Leigh’s night-time economy by promoting local musicians and venues, to find out more visit our Wigan Indie Radio page.


Wigan Directory SEO benefits.

Boosting your online optimisation through Positive Wigan

Taking a listing on our directory boosts your online presence by…

  • Providing a high quality external link for your website
  • Making it easy for your customers to leave reviews by not having to log into third party sites
  • Giving you full control of your profile and generous galleries
  • Mirroring website functionality for new businesses on a budget
  • Sharing space with other local businesses giving combined authority for local search
  • Building your brand’s online presence organically
  • Offering content editing free so your ad meets SEO criteria

Choose your preferred annual subscription, and let us write your listing so that it is fully optimised and showcases your business to its highest potential.

Why Advertise With Postive Wigan Directory?

  • Flat fee subscription for one year
  • Quick reference guide for Wigan and Leigh residents
  • SEO optimisation
  • Be part of the online commercial community
  • Interactive, multimedia listing
  • Take bookings with no commission to pay
  • Get free blog with an enhanced listing.
  • Wigan Indie Radio Broadcasts for local artists


For wider marketing services, such as brochure websites, telemarketing, content writing and SEO services please visit Positive Sales and Marketing.

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